ReadEasy reader


The ReadEasy device is an innovative reader for rapid immunochromatographic tests and cassette tests for detecting antibiotic residues in milk.


The Bioeasy ReadEasy reader is designed to read cassette and strip tests. It can be used both by qualified personnel in laboratory conditions and by ordinary workers or breeders.

It is not only precise and reliable, but also mobile, which allows it to be used in various conditions. Thanks to this, it can be freely used in the field, on farms or in other places where a test reading is needed. The reader is designed to provide stable and accurate readings even in dynamic conditions, making it an ideal tool for breeders, veterinarians and other professionals. High sensitivity and repeatability of measurements ensures accurate readings and minimizes the risk of interpretation errors. The intuitive operating system makes using the device very easy.


The most important features

  • Clear touch screen.
  • Intelligent operating system.
  • Easy and intuitive detection procedure.
  • Compact design, ideal solution for laboratories.
  • Measurements with high sensitivity and repeatability.
  • Built-in thermal printer.
  • Fast response time – test results within seconds.
  • Product patented by Bioeasy – compliant with global standards.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications* for the ReadEasy Reader product::

Catalog number YR-SG21
Ports USB, COM
Printer Built-in thermal printer
Display 24-bit, 5-inch color LCD display
Memory 256 MB DDR3
Tested parameters

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.