ILAS 4000

Automates and standardizes samples preparation for optimal analytical evaluation on BactoCount (and alternative methods)

Quality assurance

The ILAS 4000 robot is refrigerated at 4°C to maintain samples integrity and inhibit bacterial growth. An acrylic housing seals the robot to isolate and protect the operator. The general operating procedure greatly reduces the risk of contamination between samples.

Standardized tray (4x8) for laboratory automation

The Bentley Instruments standardized tray is made of high-resistance ABS plastic (-18°C / +80°C) and identifiable by HF/LF RFID chips or barcode. It lets circulate water in a water bath, is stackable with fall blocking system and positions from 1 to 32 are indicated. Usable with ILAS robots, it is also compatible with most vials (84 mm height max – diameter 36 mm max).

Method standardization and automated samples preparation

The ILAS 4000 is easy to use and handles all repetitive and difficult tasks. A single operator can manage up to 3 BactoCounts. Training is quick and easy. The robot follows a strict procedure that completely standardizes the analytical chain.


Automated functions

The ILAS 4000 automates a range of samples processing tasks. In particular, it ensures that samples are:

  • Mapped from their tray and grabbed by the robot,
  • Identified by RFID scanner (or barcode reader),
  • Mixed by inversion to ensure homogeneity,
  • Uncapped,
  • Placed in the carousel,
  • Positioned under the BactoCount pipette,
  • Recapped and returned to their original position after analysis.

Increase of productivity

Up to four trays can be loaded into the robot. The ILAS 4000 handles several samples simultaneously and can reach a maximum throughput of 200 samples/hour.


Capacity/Speed Up to 200 samples/hour
Dimensions (HxWxD) 1860 x 1354 x 1280 mm (screen not included)
Compressed air supply > 5 bar
Air consumption 13 litres/minute on average
25 litres/minute maximum
Voltage 220 – 240 Volts ± 10%, 50 – 60 Hz
Operating temperature 4°C ± 1°C
Weight 650 kg
Vials (HxW) Min. 78 x 27 mm | Max. 115 x 32 mm
Standards ILAS 4000 is certified CE (Electromagnetic Compatibility), Machinery Safety and Low Voltage

*Specifications subject to change without any prior notice.

Specially developped to be used in combination with BactoCount IBC bacteria and somatic cell counters.


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