BioQuick YRM-IN04 inkubátor


Bioeasy incubator designed to store and protect samples at a constant temperature.


BioQuick YRM-IN04 is a portable two-station incubator that is easy to use and compact in design. It is dedicated to the rapid and precise incubation of immunochromatographic tests developed by Bioeasy.

Thanks to its small size, the BioQuick incubator is very convenient to use. The incubation time for each channel can be individually adjusted and the temperature range is from 40 to 60 °C. The device is equipped with a car charger that is compatible with 12/24V sockets, which allows it to be used in both regular cars and milk tankers. The incubator can only be used with BioQuick tests.



The most important features

  • Clear display, easy to set up and use.
  • Incubation of up to 2 samples simultaneously.
  • Compatible with BioQuick test kits from Bioeasy.
  • Compact design, easy to operate on site or in the laboratory.
  • Acoustic signal/Stop after program completion.
  • Possibility to adjust the incubation time and temperature as required.

Technical Specifications

Technical specifications* for the BioQuick YRM-IN04 incubator:

Catalog number YRM-IN04
Incubation (internal) 2 incubation channels
Temperature setting accuracy ±1 ℃
Temperature range selectable 40℃ ~ 60℃
Dimensions 185 × 135 × 48 mm
Weight <1.5kg

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.