BioQuick 4in1 BTCC

A set of rapid tests for detecting and differentiating antibiotics in raw milk. Result available in 3 minutes.


One-step rapid test for detecting and distinguishing antibiotics: beta-lactams, tetracyclines, ceftiofur and cefalexin in milk based on colloidal gold immunochromatography technology. Result within 3 minutes.

The BioQuick test allows you to analyze a milk sample in just one step, which significantly shortens the waiting time for the result compared to competing products. An additional advantage is that no complicated equipment is needed to perform the test, and the compact shape of the test strip ensures convenience when analyzing the sample and interpreting the result. BioQuick tests can be used by breeders, veterinarians, truck drivers, as well as laboratories that purchase and test milk. This range of applications translates into cost savings and improved efficiency.

BioQuick tests have the necessary certificates and validations. They have been approved by , ILVO, CECALAIT (France), MPI (New Zealand), PCT (Russia), IAF, AOAC International, International Association for Food Protection, and AQSIQ (China). They comply with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and EU, CODEX, FDA and SFDA regulations.


The most important features

  • Detects and differentiates 4 groups of antibiotics: Beta-lactams, Tetracyclines, Ceftiofur, Cephalexin in a milk sample based on immunochromatography technology and the use of colloidal gold.
  • One-step, simplified antibiotic detection procedure – the test can be performed in 3 minutes.
  • Bioeasy tests meet the standards of  EU, Russia, Australia and the United States. Product approved, among others: by PIWET and ILVO..
  • The tests can be used on raw milk, pasteurized milk, full-fat powdered milk (milk from a cow, buffalo, sheep, goat or mare).
  • Additional equipment is also available for sale – incubators, makers – supporting the research process.

    Technical Specifications

    Catalog number YR1M4003
    Quantity 30 tests/pack
    Expiration date 18 months
    Storage temperature 2-8 °C

    Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.