Bioeasy Single Test


A set of rapid tests for detecting and differentiating antibiotics in a milk sample based on immunochromatography technology and the use of colloidal gold.



The tests can be used to detect antibiotic residues in raw milk, pasteurized milk, whole milk powder – from cows, buffaloes, sheep, goats or mare. The test can be performed in 8 minutes.

All Bioeasy tests have the necessary certificates and validations. They have been approved by ILVO, CECALAIT (France), MPI (New Zealand), PCT (Russia), IAF, AOAC International, International Association for Food Protection, and AQSIQ (China). They comply with the ISO 9001:2008 standard and EU, CODEX, FDA and SFDA regulations.

The tests can detect residues of the following antibiotics in milk and powdered milk:

aflatoxin M1,
sulpiride / dipyrone / metamizole

Set Content

12 test tubes (each tube contains 8 strips and 8 test tubes with reagent),
Pipette 200µL,
100 pcs. pipette tips,
User manual

The test process

1- Take a sample of milk with a pipette and mix thoroughly with the reagent in the test tube – mix using the pipetting method, repeating the      movement 5-10 times.

2- Incubate the sample for 3 minutes at 40 ± 2 ℃.

3- Place the end of the strip into the sample tube. Incubate for another 5 min at 40 ± 2℃.

4- Remove the tests from the sampler, remove the backing from the bottom layer and read the result.


The result for the presence of antibiotics in milk can be obtained visually or in a very short time by using one of the Bioeasy readers.

SAFF Reader – hand-held portable reader,
YR-10 – stationary reader with printer,
YR-010 – pocket smartphone reader,
TSR-20 Desktop Reader – stationary reader.