Bioeasy EAST-2T Inkubátor


Device for quick and qualitative analysis of immunochromatographic tests developed by Bioeasy.


The Easy-2T incubator is an advanced sample incubation device that provides convenient and precise process control. It has 6 incubation channels, which allows multiple samples to be incubated simultaneously. It is also possible to set the time individually for each channel, which gives flexibility in adapting to various needs.

The temperature range of the Easy-2T incubator is from 20 to 55 °C, which allows you to precisely maintain optimal conditions for the tested samples. Additionally, the automatic test strip insertion/removal mechanism and the built-in timer make the incubation process simpler and more precise.

The Easy-2T incubator is versatile because it can be used both in traditional laboratories and in the field. Its portable design allows research and analysis to be carried out in various places, which is especially useful in the case of field work or mobile points.



The most important features

  • Incubate up to 6 tests simultaneously.
  • Compact design, easy to operate on site or in the laboratory.
  • Easy to configure and use..
  • Acoustic signal/Stop after program completion.
  • Possibility to adjust the incubation time and temperature as required.


Technical Specifications

Technical specifications* for the Bioeasy EAST-2T Incubator :

Incubation (internal) 6 incubation stations
Temperature setting accuracy ± 1 ℃
Temperature range selectable 20℃ ~ 40 ℃
Dimensions 220 x 120 x 125 mm
Weight ~2.0 kg
Interface USB

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.